Asbestos Testing Melbourne Reports by Greenlight - Clear reporting with in-line photos and summary information for the areas tested

For homes in Melbourne, asbestos testing is a must - especially if you are about to renovate, purchase a property or are just concerned about asbestos home safety.

You can choose from different levels of service depending on what you need:

  1. Whole home testing with a Residential Asbestos Register supplied;

  2. Sample Collection - We come to you, collect samples and carry out a risk assessment. Reports in 24-hours ( excluding weekends and public holidays); or

  3. Self Service - Collect samples yourself and mail in.

Greenlight also supply Commercial Asbestos Registers for Work Sites or Workplaces

If we come to site, your inspection with Greenlight will be carried out by a tertiary qualified consultant with a minimum of 7 years experience. We will provide a detailed report with in-line photos, colour coding, risk assessments and recommendations for all asbestos items.

Reports are available on a 24-hour TAT with samples analysed in a NATA accredited laboratory.

The cost of each inspection type is outlined below and you can book in today at your preferred time. Pay now or pay later options available.

The Benefits of an Asbestos Inspection with Greenlight

  • Ensure the safety of your family during renovations or maintenance;
  • Know the extent and location of asbestos in your home or planned purchase;
  • For reports with samples - all samples are included and will be analysed in a NATA accredited laboratory (as many as necessary);
  • For inspections without samples - fast and efficient same-day report provided;
  • Risk assessments & reccomendations for every asbestos item detailed in the report;
  • Tertiary qualified and experienced consultants;
  • Top-knotch reporting, compliant with the requirements for a workplace.

Need a commercial asbestos register? Greenlight also offer commercial asbestos inspection services in full compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Pre-Renovation Asbestos Inspection Melbourne

Asbestos can be sneaky - This faux-brick asbestos cement sheeting was popular in Melbourne in the 50's.

Asbestos can be sneaky - This faux-brick asbestos cement sheeting was popular in Melbourne in the 50's.

If you are doing your own renovations, knowing where your asbestos materials are is a must. Two of the known effects of asbestos exposure are mesothelioma and an increased risk of other kinds of lung cancer - don’ take the risk.

There are also laws around the removal of any asbestos materials in Melbourne homes, even those that may be within your own home. It is important to be aware that if you unknowingly remove asbestos materials this is considered to be the same as unlicensed illegal asbestos removal work. Such an action if not controlled could also cause an asbestos contamination in your home.

Given the above, the best course of action is to identify asbestos materials prior to any renovation work, to protect yourself legally, to be socially responsible to your neighbours and to protect your own health and that of your family members.

If you require removal work, Greenlight can assist by referring you to one of our vetted and experienced contractors.

Home Safety Asbestos Inspection Melbourne

It is estimated that one in three homes contains asbestos - this figure rises dramatically if your home was built in the 50s to 70s.

It is estimated that one in three homes contains asbestos - this figure rises dramatically if your home was built in the 50s to 70s.

Most asbestos materials are only dangerous if they are mechanically disturbed by actions such as drilling, cutting, grinding, sanding or water-blasting (this last one is an illegal act in Victoria).

Given the range of tasks you have to perform around your home, it makes good sense to know where your asbestos materials are. Once identified it is important to convey this information to any contractors working on the site and confirm with them that they will not disturb the asbestos materials as part of their works.

Knowing where asbestos materials are is the key to protecting your family from possible harm. We will also carry out a 12-point risk assessment and determine if any further actions are required. Reccomendations will be included in-line with any asbestos items noted.

Pre-Purchase Asbestos Inspection Melbourne

Asbestos is fairly common and if you are buying an older home in Melbourne, it is likely that we will find something - the most common location is the eaves and electrical boxes, however it can also be located in internal walls (particularly bathrooms and laundries), behind wall tiles in older bathrooms and within vinyl tile floor covers.

It is important to know what you’re up for before you make an offer so you can price this in - if you are planning to refurbish or demolish you are legally required to identify and remove the asbestos materials before you commence works (OHS Act, 2004 ).

Additionally, our Pre-purchase Asbestos Inspection might identify a big problem such as asbestos cement debris in your planned purchase sub-floor - this incidence can happen when a home is built on top of a demolished home or if asbestos debris was disposed of in the sub-floor during the homes construction. Such an occurrence devalues your home and you certainly want to know about it before you make an offer.

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